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  • How does any of this shit even matter when we will all die or have our lives ruined by climate change in our lifetimes?

    This is pretty much how I see things:

    I think we’re fucked for a variety of reasons, and it’s looking uncomfortably probable that billions are going to die and if things really go pear-shaped it’ll possibly happen in my lifetime, but realistically I can do fuck-all about any of it (I was more of an activist for years but now I’m middle-aged and tired) and in the past maybe year or so I’ve found myself more and more just refusing to stress about any of this. I’m going to try and live my life the best I can, do good by the people in my life, and just… I don’t know, “stop caring” would maybe be too strong because I do care, but I guess I sort of accept what the situation is.

    Doesn’t mean I’m a nihilist or that I’m now clubbing baby seals and heating my apartment with a burning barrel of crude, but more like I’ve started to accept how much power – ie. how little power – I have over any of this and just want to live the latter half of my life in as much peace as is going to be possible.

  • Ah well that’s certainly fair enough, I had no idea it’s a Google-encumbered format.

    Not sure I’ve ever “voluntarily” converted something to webp. Many Lemmy instances’ pict-rs setups seem to use it, my home instance sopuli.xyz obviously being one of them, which I guess is a sort of a funny choice considering

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    Exactly so!

    While I’ll definitely do what I can to try and influence the trajectory we’re on I’m just one person with very little power, and I’m not exactly optimistic about how things are going and figure that at some point something like this meme will be the best I can do

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    Yeah it was a middle school thing in Finland too, at least in the 90’s.

    I did an exchange year in the US in my 2nd high school year, and I was honestly a bit surprised at how… well, simple it all was. I was a senior in the US and I’d learned just about everything they taught that wasn’t specific to the US or the English language (and even some of those…) either in my 1st year in high school or in middle school.

  • Yeah, there’s a reason why they suddenly have a lot of trouble selling their military hardware even to countries that haven’t sanctioned them.

    Well, other reasons in addition to the fact that the stuff they’re fielding themselves in Ukraine keeps getting blown the fuck up and they have had to replace it with something that was initially being built for an outside customer. “Yeah you remember those tanks you ordered? Weeelll you’re not going to be getting them quite on schedule, there’s been some… uh… complications. The turrets… they, uh… experienced rapid unplanned disassembly caused by… uh… assembly workers smoking in the crew compartment. Definitely not caused by inferior westoid antitank missiles in Ukraine, our cope cages work against those 100% of the time and it’s not like we’d use your tanks in combat, no siree Bob”

  • With “guarantees” I meant things like whether you want to have perfect forward secrecy, or whether you want to provide some degree of deniability, and so on, not so much what kinds of guarantees you’re relying on although they’re definitely also good to keep in mind.

    “As secure as possible” is a very all-encompassing goal which doesn’t really say much – what I was trying to get at with my point about the guarantees you want to make is that you’ll want to have a clear idea of what you actually mean with “as secure as possible” so you’ll know what sort of eg. architectural decisions to make before you do a lot of work and paint yourself into a corner.

    It’s a very ambitious project, but I can guarantee it’ll probably be very interesting to work on and you’ll learn a lot regardless of the outcome, and I’m definitely rooting for you.