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  • I started “hating” Windows more recently. I was never a very technical user but I was always someone that could find myself around system configuration and they just keep hiding ways of letting you customize things.

    When I started learning programming I was still trying to use only Windows but at some point I got extremely tired of fighting how clunky environmental variables can be. Installing things such as gcc and python was extremely annoying.

    Then I did dual boot for a few years, then I started using WSL. WSL is… Awful, lol. It will never ask you if it is okay to stop what you are doing to reboot, I lost count of how many times I was working on something and suddenly my Linux environment was dead.

    This year the amount of clutter they are adding to Windows and the existence of Proton just kicked the bucked for me, everywhere you look at Windows is busy and full of stuff I don’t want to be there and like I said previously, you either can’t remove it or it is difficult because they just want it to be.

    I might need to figure out how to run a Windows VM if I need to run something (hasn’t happened yet) but that’s it, I don’t need to deal with all the bs anymore and I can customize things as I like. I love it.

    I wouldn’t say I hate Windows now, I just kind of despise it after so many years. I wish I heard my professors that kept shitting on Windows so many years ago.

  • Sometimes I have doubts if some people I see posting here on Lemmy actually work. It seems like y’all live in this Wonderland where finding new jobs is extremely easy and convincing whole companies to use free software is easy like sending an e-mail. I’m honestly envious.

    But still, the fact that the person already said that not using Windows isn’t an option and you persisted questioning wasn’t very nice, so I see no reason for you to be rude and offensive when someone call out your behavior. Please keep it civil.

  • You pull the origin to your fork and solve the conflicts one by one, that’s usually how it goes.

    If you want to keep your files how they are you can select “accept local changes” instead of “accept incoming changes”. That’s it.

    Edit: If you need something more detailed let me know, I am assuming you are using an IDE like VSCode